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KMEAT is strict company
that only adhere
to good quality of meat.

    • KMEAT is strict

      1) Safety, Relief 2) Taste 3) Reasonable price 4) Continuous supply 5) Honesty of the country of origin and grade
      We ensure that the meat we deliver to our customers meets the five conditions of "good meat" established by KMEAT.
      To achieve this, we strictly manage the entire process from importation and storage to processing and distribution.

    • KMEAT is an expert in terms of storage, processing and distribution

      With 50 years of history, KMEAT is the only meat retailer/distributor
      in Korea with the expertise to ensure that
      meat is stored, processed, and distributed in optimal conditions.
      We understand that, to make delicious dishes,
      not only high-quality meat from good ranches and skilled cooks are required,
      but also experts who can handle the meat in the best way possible are needed.

    • KMEAT delights people with happy memories

      Delicious meat creates lasting happy memories. With every juicy and tender bite, we feel that life is more meaningful. Each brand has its own unique characteristics. For instance, CHEF’S EXCLUSIVE has a rich and juicy flavor to the point where you inadvertently say, "This is best meat available", LITERA meat is relatively light in taste, and ADAMS BEEF meat has a clean taste. These distinctive flavors bring joy to people and evoke pleasant memories.

    • KMEAT is always grateful

      We are grateful for our customer’s who have enjoyed our high-quality meat and created happy memories. As we continue to strive for excellence, we are mindful of the lives of the cows, pigs, and chickens raised on the farmes where our meat is sourced. We appreciate the opportunity to provide nourishing meat and are thankful for the role that it plays in our lives.